Debarshi Kumar Sanyal

According to our database1, Debarshi Kumar Sanyal authored at least 25 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




A Critical Review of 3GPP Standardization of Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks.
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g<sub>m</sub>-index: a new mentorship index for researchers.
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Author Name Disambiguation in PubMed using Ensemble-Based Classification Algorithms.
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Analysis of the Academic Genealogy of Education.
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Segmenting Scientific Abstracts into Discourse Categories: A Deep Learning-Based Approach for Sparse Labeled Data.
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DAKE: Document-Level Attention for Keyphrase Extraction.
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MIMO-TTR+: A Novel Topology-Transparent Scheduling Scheme for MIMO Wireless Networks.
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Enhancing access to scholarly publications with surrogate resources.
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Steiner system-based topology-transparent priority scheduling for wireless ad hoc networks.
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Experimental Analysis of Device-to-Device Communication.
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Performance of Random Access Games over an IEEE 802.11ac Testbed.
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Surrogator: A Tool to Enrich a Digital Library with Open Access Surrogate Resources.
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A Metadata Extractor for Books in a Digital Library.
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Semantically Enriched Line Search in a Humanities Digital Library.
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Automated classification of software issue reports using machine learning techniques: an empirical study.
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A Survey of Topology-Transparent Scheduling Schemes in Multi-Hop Packet Radio Networks.
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Dimensionality reduction of EEG signal using Fuzzy Discernibility Matrix.
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Game-theoretic wireless CSMA MAC protocols: Measurements from an indoor testbed.
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Recovering a game model from an optimal channel access scheme for WLANs.
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A Novel Incentive Based Scheme to Contain Selective Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Network.
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Game-Theoretic Modeling and Optimization of Contention-Prone Medium Access Phase in IEEE 802.16/WiMAX Networks.
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