Debi Prasanna Acharjya

According to our database1, Debi Prasanna Acharjya authored at least 26 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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A Hybrid Scheme for Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Rough Set and Cuckoo Search Technique.
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Behavioural Intention of Customers Towards Smartwatches in an Ambient Environment Using Soft Computing: An Integrated SEM-PLS and Fuzzy Rough Set Approach.
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Rough computing - A review of abstraction, hybridization and extent of applications.
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A framework for phishing attack identification using rough set and formal concept analysis.
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Application Security framework for Mobile App Development in Enterprise setup.
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Approximation of Classification and Measures of Uncertainty in Rough Set on Two Universal Sets
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A Framework for Intelligent Medical Diagnosis using Rough Set with Formal Concept Analysis
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