Diego Vallespir

According to our database1, Diego Vallespir authored at least 15 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Developing a Taxonomy for Software Engineering Education Through an Empirical Approach.
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A technological and innovative approach to COVID-19 in Uruguay.
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A Taste of the Software Industry Perception of Technical Debt and its Management in Uruguay: A survey in software industry.
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Do Novice Testers Satisfy Technique Prescription? An Empirical Study.
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Test Adequacy Criteria Based on Inductive Inference of the Specification.
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Teaching of formal methods: evidence of its inclusion in curricula, results, and difficulties.
Proceedings of the XXII Iberoamerican Conference on Software Engineering, 2019

¿Los estudiantes de pregrado son capaces de diseñar software? Estudio de la relación entre el tiempo de codificación y el tiempo de diseño en el desarrollo de software.
Proceedings of the XXI Iberoamerican Conference on Software Engineering, 2018

All Uses and Statement Coverage: A Controlled Experiment.
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The Impact of the PSP on Software Quality: Eliminating the Learning Effect Threat through a Controlled Experiment.
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