Dominik Werle

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According to our database1, Dominik Werle authored at least 21 papers between 2014 and 2022.

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Detecting violations of access control and information flow policies in data flow diagrams.
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Performance-detective: automatic deduction of cheap and accurate performance models.
Proceedings of the ICS '22: 2022 International Conference on Supercomputing, Virtual Event, June 28, 2022

Accurate Performance Predictions with Component-Based Models of Data Streaming Applications.
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ARCHI4MOM: Using Tracing Information to Extract the Architecture of Microservice-Based Systems from Message-Oriented Middleware.
Proceedings of the Software Architecture - 16th European Conference, 2022

Enabling consistency in view-based system development - The Vitruvius approach.
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A Unified Model to Detect Information Flow and Access Control Violations in Software Architectures.
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Teaching Programming at Scale.
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Energy status data.
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Overload Protection of Cloud-IoT Applications by Feedback Control of Smart Devices.
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The Effect of Temporal Aggregation on Battery Sizing for Peak Shaving.
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The palladio-bench for modeling and simulating software architectures.
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A Collection of Software Engineering Challenges for Big Data System Development.
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A Cross-Disciplinary Language for Change Propagation Rules.
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