Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah

According to our database1, Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah authored at least 21 papers between 2008 and 2022.

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Empowerment of cluster and grid load balancing algorithms to support distributed exascale computing systems with high compatibility.
Int. J. Comput. Sci. Eng., 2022

ExaFlooding RD: A Mathematical Model to Support Unstructured Resource Discovery in Distributed Exascale Computing Environments.
J. Grid Comput., 2022

A mathematical model to describe resource discovery failure in distributed exascale computing systems.
Peer-to-Peer Netw. Appl., 2021

ExaRD: introducing a framework for empowerment of resource discovery to support distributed exascale computing systems with high consistency.
Clust. Comput., 2020

A mathematical model to calculate real cost/performance in software distributed shared memory on computing environments.
J. Supercomput., 2018

Challenges of Process Migration to Support Distributed Exascale Computing Environment.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications, 2018

CGUW: A system software for heterogeneous IPC mechanism in grid computing environments.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, 2017

AMRC: an algebraic model for reconfiguration of high performance cluster computing systems at runtime.
J. Supercomput., 2014

Modeling and analysis of access transparency and scalability in P2P distributed systems.
Int. J. Commun. Syst., 2014

Multics and Plan 9: The Big Bangs in the Distributed Computing System Universe.
Comput. Sci. Eng., 2014

A Dynamic Replication Mechanism to Reduce Response-Time of I/O Operations in High Performance Computing Clusters.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Computing, SocialCom 2013, 2013

A mathematical model for empowerment of Beowulf clusters for exascale computing.
Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, 2013

A platform independent distributed IPC mechanism in support of programming heterogeneous distributed systems.
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A Dynamic Popularity-Aware Load Balancing Algorithm for Structured P2P Systems.
Proceedings of the Network and Parallel Computing, 9th IFIP International Conference, 2012

A low-overhead structure maintenance approach for building robust structured P2P systems.
Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Telecommunications, 2012

Dynamic Multilevel Feedback-Based Searching Strategy in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems.
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Improving Learning-Based Request Forwarding in Resource Discovery through Load-Awareness.
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A dynamic framework for integrated management of all types of resources in P2P systems.
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Formulating the real cost of DSM-inherent dependent parameters in HPC clusters.
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The Influence of Efficient Message Passing Mechanisms on High Performance Distributed Scientific Computing.
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