El Hassan Abdelwahed

According to our database1, El Hassan Abdelwahed authored at least 34 papers between 2001 and 2024.

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Artificial intelligence for enhanced flotation monitoring in the mining industry: A ConvLSTM-based approach.
Comput. Chem. Eng., January, 2024

The Future of Mine Safety: A Comprehensive Review of Anti-Collision Systems Based on Computer Vision in Underground Mines.
Sensors, 2023

Road Signs Recognition by Using YOLOv8 Model.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Intelligent Systems: Theories and Applications, 2023

Digital Twin Technology for Enhanced Health Monitoring, Maintenance, and Energy Efficiency of Electric Vehicles: E-mule Project.
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Data-Driven and Model-Driven Approaches in Predictive Modelling for Operational Efficiency: Mining Industry Use Case.
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Generic and scalable multi-layered architecture for Digital Twin implementation in industrial processes: Mineral Processing case study.
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Advancing Flotation Process Optimization Through Real-Time Machine Vision Monitoring: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach.
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Conv-LSTM for Real Time Monitoring of the Mineral Grades in the Flotation Froth.
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The central role of data repositories and data models in Data Science and Advanced Analytics.
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Digital Twins-Based Smart Monitoring and Optimisation of Mineral Processing Industry.
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Digital Transformation of the Flotation Monitoring Towards an Online Analyzer.
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Anti-Collision System for Accident Prevention in Underground Mines using Computer Vision.
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The Impact of Multicore CPUs on Eco-Friendly Query Processors in Big Data Warehouses.
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Graph-based tag recommendations using clusters of patients in clinical decision support system.
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Gamification and Serious Games Based Learning for Early Childhood in Rural Areas.
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Towards an Emergent Semantic of Web Resources Using Collaborative Tagging.
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Learning through play in pervasive context: A survey.
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SOA for the masses: End users as services composers.
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Un framework pour les simulations individu-centrées en dynamique de population.
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A Multiple Layered Functional Data Model to Support Multiple Representations and Interoperability of GIS: Application to Urban Management Systems.
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Un modèle de données à base de couches fonctionnelles pour les systèmes d'informations géographiques.
Proceedings of the 17èmes Journées Bases de Données Avancées, 2001