Eren Bas

According to our database1, Eren Bas authored at least 19 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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A new deep intuitionistic fuzzy time series forecasting method based on long short-term memory.
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An adaptive forecast combination approach based on meta intuitionistic fuzzy functions.
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A new intuitionistic fuzzy functions approach based on hesitation margin for time-series prediction.
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A new fuzzy time series method based on an ARMA-type recurrent Pi-Sigma artificial neural network.
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Picture fuzzy regression functions approach for financial time series based on ridge regression and genetic algorithm.
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Picture fuzzy time series: Defining, modeling and creating a new forecasting method.
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Median-Pi artificial neural network for forecasting.
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Intuitionistic time series fuzzy inference system.
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Single Multiplicative Neuron Model Artificial Neural Network with Autoregressive Coefficient for Time Series Modelling.
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A new fuzzy inference system for time series forecasting and obtaining the probabilistic forecasts via subsampling block bootstrap.
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An ARMA Type Pi-Sigma Artificial Neural Network for Nonlinear Time Series Forecasting.
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A modified genetic algorithm for forecasting fuzzy time series.
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