Fikret Erçal

According to our database1, Fikret Erçal authored at least 40 papers between 1987 and 2015.

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A Survey of Methods for Finding Outliers in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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CTOD: collaborative tree-based outlier detection in wireless sensor networks.
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A Communication Efficient Framework for Finding Outliers in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Validation of an NSP-based (negative selection pattern) gene family identification strategy.
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An Automated Method for Rapid Identification of Putative Gene Family Members in Plants.
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Guest editorial: nature-inspired distributed computing.
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Evaluation of <i>Glycine max </i>mRNA clusters.
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A Practical License Plate Recognition System for Real-Time Environments.
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An Improved Submesh Allocation Scheme Using Dominant Free Submeshes.
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Workshop Introduction.
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Parallel computing problems and nature-inspired solutions.
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Bio-inspired solutions to parallel processing problems.
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Segmentation of Printed Circuit Board Images into Basic Patterns.
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A Fast Algorithm for Complete Subcube Recognition.
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A Fast Maze Routing Algorithm on Reconfigurable Meshes.
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Detection of skin tumor boundaries in color images.
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