Frédéric Hecht

According to our database1, Frédéric Hecht authored at least 39 papers between 1990 and 2019.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Microwave tomographic imaging of cerebrovascular accidents by using high-performance computing.
Parallel Comput., 2019

Parallel computing investigations for the projection method applied to the interface transport scheme of a two-phase flow by the method of characteristics.
Numer. Algorithms, 2019

A Residual a Posteriori Error Estimators for a Model for Flow in Porous Media with Fractures.
J. Sci. Comput., 2019

A Petrov-Galerkin multilayer discretization to second order elliptic boundary value problems.
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Adaptive inexact iterative algorithms based on polynomial-degree-robust a posteriori estimates for the Stokes problem.
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Finite element methods for Darcy's problem coupled with the heat equation.
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A High-Order Local Projection Stabilization Method for Natural Convection Problems.
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An example of explicit implementation strategy and preconditioning for the high order edge finite elements applied to the time-harmonic Maxwell's equations.
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Finite difference scheme for one system of nonlinear partial integro-differential equations.
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Specular reflection treatment for the 3D radiative transfer equation solved with the discrete ordinates method.
J. Comput. Phys., 2017

An Adaptive Approach for the Segmentation and the TV-Filtering in the Optic Flow Estimation.
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2016

A mesh adaptivity scheme on the Landau-de Gennes functional minimization case in 3D, and its driving efficiency.
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A finite-element toolbox for the stationary Gross-Pitaevskii equation with rotation.
Comput. Phys. Commun., 2016

Scalable domain decomposition preconditioners for heterogeneous elliptic problems.
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Stabilized Finite Elements for a Reaction-Dispersion Saddle-Point Problem with NonConstant Coefficients.
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Numerical approximation of the Smagorinsky turbulence model applied to the primitive equations of the ocean.
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A Newton method with adaptive finite elements for solving phase-change problems with natural convection.
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An approximation of anisotropic metrics from higher order interpolation error for triangular mesh adaptation.
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A Discrete Differential Sequence for Elasticity Based upon Continuous Displacements.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2013

Original coupled FEM/BIE numerical model for analyzing infinite periodic surface acoustic wave transducers.
J. Comput. Phys., 2013

Adaptive multiresolution analysis based on anisotropic triangulations.
Math. Comput., 2012

High performance domain decomposition methods on massively parallel architectures with freefem++.
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New development in freefem++.
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An efficient numerical method for the equations of steady and unsteady flows of homogeneous incompressible Newtonian fluid.
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A finite element method with mesh adaptivity for computing vortex states in fast-rotating Bose-Einstein condensates.
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A Posteriori Error Estimates for Parabolic Variational Inequalities.
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A New Set of Hexahedral Meshes Local Transformations.
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Metric Generation for a Given Error Estimation.
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Two Finite Element Approximations of Naghdi's Shell Model in Cartesian Coordinates.
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An Efficient Discretization of the Navier-Stokes Equations in an Axisymmetric Domain. Part 1: The Discrete Problem and its Numerical Analysis.
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Optimal Mesh for P1 Interpolation in H1 Seminorm.
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A fews snags in mesh adaptation loops.
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A finite element problem issued from fictitious domain techniques.
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Fully automatic mesh generator for 3D domains of any shape.
IMPACT Comput. Sci. Eng., 1990