G. Padmavathi

According to our database1, G. Padmavathi authored at least 22 papers between 2005 and 2013.

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A Survey on Various Cyber Attacks and their Classification.
Int. J. Netw. Secur., 2013

Exponential stability of hysteresis neural networks with varying inputs.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 2012

Next generation biometric security system: <i>an approach for mobile device security</i>.
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FAutoREDwithRED: an algorithm to reduce queue oscillation in internet routers.
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SPIM Architecture for MVC based Web Applications
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Classification and Performance of AQM-Based Schemes for Congestion Avoidance
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Secure Multicast Key Distribution for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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Securing Iris Templates using Combined User and Soft Biometric based Password Hardened Fuzzy Vault
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A Performance Study of GA and LSH in Multiprocessor Job Scheduling
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Multiprocessor Scheduling For Tasks With Priority Using GA
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Secure and Revocable Multibiometric Templates Using Fuzzy Vault for Fingerprint and Iris.
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Neural modelling of Mooney viscosity of polybutadiene rubber.
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