Gavin Yulei Zhang

According to our database1, Gavin Yulei Zhang authored at least 33 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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An Explorative Study on the Virtual World: Investigating the Avatar Gender and Avatar Age Differences in their Social Interactions for Help-Seeking.
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Examining the impacts of mental workload and task-technology fit on user acceptance of the social media search system.
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Adoption of Social Media Search Systems: An IS Success Model Perspective.
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Integrating switching costs to information systems adoption: An empirical study on learning management systems.
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Investigating the impacts of avatar gender, avatar age, and region theme on avatar physical activity in the virtual world.
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A Large-Scale Blended and Flipped Class: Class Design and Investigation of Factors Influencing Students' Intention to Learn.
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Examining Student Satisfaction and Gender Differences in Technology-Supported, Blended Learning.
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An integrated framework for analyzing multilingual content in Web 2.0 social media.
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Research note: Examining gender emotional differences in Web forum communication.
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The Impact of Prior System Beliefs on User Perceptions towards a New System: A Study on E-Learning Systems.
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Theory-Informed Design and Evaluation of an Advanced Search and Knowledge Mapping System in Nanotechnology.
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Evaluating sentiment in financial news articles.
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Understanding Avatar Sentiments Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues.
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Trends and Controversies.
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Global disease surveillance using social media: HIV/AIDS content intervention in web forums.
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Arizona Literature Mapper: An integrated approach to monitor and analyze global bioterrorism research literature.
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Automatic online news monitoring and classification for syndromic surveillance.
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Dark web forums portal: Searching and analyzing jihadist forums.
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