Georgiy V. Bobashev

  • RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

According to our database1, Georgiy V. Bobashev authored at least 19 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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PhD thesis 




Geospatial forecasting of COVID-19 spread and risk of reaching hospital capacity.
ACM SIGSPATIAL Special, 2020

Contact patterns and influenza outbreaks in Russian cities: A proof-of-concept study via agent-based modeling.
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Using synthetic populations to understand geospatial patterns in opioid related overdose and predicted opioid misuse.
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On Calibrating a Microsimulation of Patient Movement Through a Healthcare Network.
Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference, 2019

On Fenchel Mini-Max Learning.
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Variational Annealing of GANs: A Langevin Perspective.
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Spatial Modeling of Influenza Outbreaks in Saint Petersburg Using Synthetic Populations.
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Understanding chromaticity shifts in LED devices through analytical models.
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Parameterization and calibration of micro-simulation Model for cervical cancer and HIV in Zambia.
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Turning Narrative Descriptions of Individual Behavior into Network Visualization and Analysis: Example of Terrorist Group Dynamics.
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Pain Town, an Agent-Based Model of Opioid Use Trajectories in a Small Community.
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Catching Social Butterflies: Identifying Influential Users of an Event-Based Social Networking Service.
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Improved Forecast with a Combination of Mechanistic and Statistical Predictive Models.
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A stochastic equation-based model of the value of international air-travel restrictions for controlling pandemic flu.
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A hybrid epidemic model: combining the advantages of agent-based and equation-based approaches.
Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 2007