Gianluca Roscigno

According to our database1, Gianluca Roscigno authored at least 18 papers between 2014 and 2019.

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MapReduce in Computational Biology Via Hadoop and Spark.
Proceedings of the Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - Volume 1, 2019

A Novel Methodology to Acquire Live Big Data Evidence from the Cloud.
IEEE Trans. Big Data, 2019

TRUST: TRust Unguarded Service Terminals.
Proceedings of the Pervasive Systems, Algorithms and Networks, 2019

Improving the experimental analysis of tampered image detection algorithms for biometric systems.
Pattern Recognit. Lett., 2018

Informational and linguistic analysis of large genomic sequence collections via efficient Hadoop cluster algorithms.
Bioinform., 2018

An effective extension of the applicability of alignment-free biological sequence comparison algorithms with Hadoop.
J. Supercomput., 2017

FASTdoop: a versatile and efficient library for the input of FASTA and FASTQ files for MapReduce Hadoop bioinformatics applications.
Bioinform., 2017

Distributed Anti-Plagiarism Checker for Biomedical Images Based on Sensor Noise.
Proceedings of the New Trends in Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP 2017, 2017

An Efficient Implementation of the Algorithm by Lukáš et al. on Hadoop.
Proceedings of the Green, Pervasive, and Cloud Computing - 12th International Conference, 2017

Ensuring non-repudiation in human conversations over VoIP communications.
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MapReduce in Computational Biology - A Synopsis.
Proceedings of the Advances in Artificial Life, Evolutionary Computation, and Systems Chemistry, 2016

Using PNU-Based Techniques to Detect Alien Frames in Videos.
Proceedings of the Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, 2016

Reliable Voice-Based Transactions over VoIP Communications.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing, 2015

Alignment-Free Sequence Comparison over Hadoop for Computational Biology.
Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops, 2015

A PNU-Based Technique to Detect Forged Regions in Digital Images.
Proceedings of the Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, 2015

A Possible Pitfall in the Experimental Analysis of Tampering Detection Algorithms.
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems, 2014

Experimental Evaluation of an Algorithm for the Detection of Tampered JPEG Images.
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A Scalable Approach to Source Camera Identification over Hadoop.
Proceedings of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, 2014