Gianluigi Me

According to our database1, Gianluigi Me authored at least 29 papers between 2002 and 2017.

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Searching the Web for illegal content: the anatomy of a semantic search engine.
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Discovering Hidden Relations Between Tor Marketplaces Users.
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A Survey on Financial Botnets Threat.
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The Botnet Revenue Model.
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Vertical Semantic Discovery: The SICH Approach on NPS.
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Forensic disk image indexing and search in an HPC environment.
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Triage-based automated analysis of evidence in court cases of copyright infringement.
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A Case Study on Digital Forensics in the Cloud.
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A Quantitative Approach to Triaging in Mobile Forensics.
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An overall assessment of Mobile Internal Acquisition Tool.
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Internal forensic acquisition for mobile equipments.
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Trusted SMS - A Novel Framework for Non-repudiable SMS-based Processes.
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Investigation Strategy for the Small Pedophiles World.
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A Secure Mobile Local Payment Application Framework.
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M-Government to Narrow the Digital Divide.
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