Hannan Bin Liaqat

According to our database1, Hannan Bin Liaqat authored at least 15 papers between 2013 and 2019.

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Feature-based Compositing Memory Networks for Aspect-based Sentiment Classification in Social Internet of Things.
Future Gener. Comput. Syst., 2019

Socially-aware congestion control in ad-hoc networks: Current status and the way forward.
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Stochastic game-based dynamic information delivery system for wireless cooperative networks.
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Self-Citation Analysis on Google Scholar Dataset for H-Index Corrections.
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Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Efficient Channel Utilization in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Research on Technology Similarity of Enterprises Based on Patent Bibliometrics.
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Bio-inspired packet dropping for ad-hoc social networks.
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Multi-Reciprocity Policies Co-Evolution Based Incentive Evaluating Framework for Mobile P2P Systems.
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Com-BIS: A Community-Based Barter Incentive Scheme in Socially Aware Networking.
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Poster: reliable TCP for popular data in socially-aware ad-hoc networks.
Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing, 2014

Poster: bacteria inspired mitigation of selfish users in ad-hoc social networks.
Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing, 2014

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