Harald E. Möller

Orcid: 0000-0002-5659-1925

According to our database1, Harald E. Möller authored at least 27 papers between 2005 and 2023.

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High angular resolution susceptibility imaging and estimation of fiber orientation distribution functions in primate brain.
NeuroImage, August, 2023

High-resolution magnetization-transfer imaging of <i>post-mortem</i> marmoset brain: Comparisons with relaxometry and histology.
NeuroImage, March, 2023

Rapid volumetric brain changes after acute psychosocial stress.
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Multi-echo investigations of positive and negative CBF and concomitant BOLD changes.
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Increased sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio in diffusion-weighted MRI using multi-echo acquisitions.
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Dual regression physiological modeling of resting-state EPI power spectra: Effects of healthy aging.
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Non-BOLD contrast for laminar fMRI in humans: CBF, CBV, and CMR<sub>O2</sub>.
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Cardiac cycle-induced EPI time series fluctuations in the brain: Their temporal shifts, inflow effects and T<sub>2</sub><sup>∗</sup> fluctuations.
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Carbon-wire loop based artifact correction outperforms post-processing EEG/fMRI corrections - A validation of a real-time simultaneous EEG/fMRI correction method.
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Functional cerebral blood volume mapping with simultaneous multi-slice acquisition.
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Lamina-dependent calibrated BOLD response in human primary motor cortex.
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Baseline oxygenation in the brain: Correlation between respiratory-calibration and susceptibility methods.
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Temperature dependence of water diffusion pools in brain white matter.
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Effects of the geometry and size of the cerebrospinal fluid on MRI transmit and safety efficiencies at 300 MHz.
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Investigating the dynamics of the brain response to music: A central role of the ventral striatum/nucleus accumbens.
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Real diffusion-weighted MRI enabling true signal averaging and increased diffusion contrast.
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Investigation of the neurovascular coupling in positive and negative BOLD responses in human brain at 7 T.
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