Hassan Dawood

According to our database1, Hassan Dawood authored at least 43 papers between 2013 and 2022.

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Reduction of random-valued impulse noise by using multi-structured textons.
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DEHFF - A hybrid approach based on distinctively encoded fingerprint features for live fingerprint detection.
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An Efficient SMOTE-Based Deep Learning Model for Heart Attack Prediction.
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An automated framework for advertisement detection and removal from sports videos using audio-visual cues.
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Corrigendum to "Towards Smart Healthcare: Patient Data Privacy and Security in Sensor-Cloud Infrastructure".
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Square texton histogram features for image retrieval.
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A hybrid egocentric video summarization method to improve the healthcare for Alzheimer patients.
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Detail-preserving switching algorithm for the removal of random-valued impulse noise.
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An adaptive doctor-recommender system.
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Prediction of Stock Market by Principal Component Analysis.
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