Ho-Hyun Park

According to our database1, Ho-Hyun Park authored at least 38 papers between 1996 and 2020.

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SSD-TSEFFM: New SSD Using Trident Feature and Squeeze and Extraction Feature Fusion.
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Analysis of Error Impact for Batch Handover Authentication Protocols in Mobile Wireless Networks.
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Energy-Efficient Cluster-Head Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sampling-Based Spider Monkey Optimization.
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Reputation-Based Collusion Detection with Majority of Colluders.
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Error correction of reference indexing system including multimedia journals.
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Exemplar-Based Inpainting Driven by Feature Vectors and Region Segmentation.
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An Enhanced Remote Data Checking Scheme for Dynamic Updates.
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Accurate relative position indicator for tracking-based position estimation system.
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A Method to Avoid Zero Convergence of Confidence Term on Exemplar Based Inpaintings.
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