Holger Rauhut

According to our database1, Holger Rauhut authored at least 55 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Learning deep linear neural networks: Riemannian gradient flows and convergence to global minimizers.
CoRR, 2019

On the geometry of polytopes generated by heavy-tailed random vectors.
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On the Gap Between Restricted Isometry Properties and Sparse Recovery Conditions.
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Masked Toeplitz covariance estimation.
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Low-rank matrix recovery via rank one tight frame measurements.
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Low rank tensor recovery via iterative hard thresholding.
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Stable low-rank matrix recovery via null space properties.
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Refined analysis of sparse MIMO radar.
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On the gap between RIP-properties and sparse recovery conditions.
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Tensor completion in hierarchical tensor representations.
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Low rank matrix recovery from rank one measurements.
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Structured random measurements in signal processing.
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Robust analysis ℓ1-recovery from Gaussian measurements and total variation minimization.
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Fast and RIP-optimal transforms
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Restricted Isometries for Partial Random Circulant Matrices
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Nonuniform Sparse Recovery with Gaussian Matrices
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The Gelfand widths of ℓp-balls for 0 (DOI)
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Multichannel-compressive estimation of doubly selective channels in MIMO-OFDM systems: Exploiting and enhancing joint sparsity.
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Sparse Recovery from Combined Fusion Frame Measurements
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Average Case Analysis of Multichannel Sparse Recovery Using Convex Relaxation
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Compressive estimation of doubly selective channels: exploiting channel sparsity to improve spectral efficiency in multicarrier transmissions
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Compressed Sensing and Redundant Dictionaries
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Sparsity in time-frequency representations
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