Hongmei Zhang

According to our database1, Hongmei Zhang authored at least 103 papers between 2003 and 2022.

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Surface Extraction and Segmentation From 3-D Underwater Sub-Bottom Point Clouds Using Enhancement Filtering and Global Energy Optimization.
IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote. Sens., 2022

Comprehensive Sample Augmentation by Fully Considering SSS Imaging Mechanism and Environment for Shipwreck Detection Under Zero Real Samples.
IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote. Sens., 2022

Hybrid control design for Mittag-Leffler projective synchronization on FOQVNNs with multiple mixed delays and impulsive effects.
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Integration of SSS-Based Reconstructed Results and Bathymetric Data to Obtain High-Resolution and High-Accuracy Underwater Topography.
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Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Image Missing Area Reconstruction Using Multi-Survey Line Patch Group Deep Learning.
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Deep Q-learning of global optimizer of multiply model parameters for viscoelastic imaging.
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H<sub>∞ </sub> Switching Adaptive Tracking Control for Manipulator with Average Dwell Time.
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Sub-Bottom Sediment Classification Using Reliable Instantaneous Frequency Calculation and Relaxation Time Estimation.
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An Integrated Horizon Picking Method for Obtaining the Main and Detailed Reflectors on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Image.
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EVLncRNAs 2.0: an updated database of manually curated functional long non-coding RNAs validated by low-throughput experiments.
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Gaussian Bayesian network comparisons with graph ordering unknown.
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Tests for differential Gaussian Bayesian networks based on quadratic inference functions.
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Review: Application of Convolutional Neural Network in Defect Detection of 3C Products.
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A Hybrid Automata Based on Event Algebra for CPS Modelling.
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Power Grid Stability Prediction Model Based on BiLSTM with Attention.
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Hierarchical Graph Classification Method Based on Graph Pool Topology Learning.
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A Novel Horizon Picking Method on Sub-Bottom Profiler Sonar Images.
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A Non-Local Low-Rank Algorithm for Sub-Bottom Profile Sonar Image Denoising.
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High-Efficiency Determination of Coastline by Combination of Tidal Level and Coastal Zone DEM from UAV Tilt Photogrammetry.
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Robust control of hydraulic tracked vehicle drive system based on quantitative feedback theory.
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Distributed Motion State Estimation of Mobile Target with Switching Topologies.
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Estimation of eosinophil cells in cord blood with references based on blood in adults via Bayesian measurement error modeling.
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Statistical and Texture Descriptors of Symptomatic Plantar Fasciitis Using Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography.
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A Method for Wafer Defect Detection Using Spatial Feature Points Guided Affine Iterative Closest Point Algorithm.
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Collaborative Partition Caching with Local Popularity.
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A Hovercraft-Borne LiDAR and a Comprehensive Filtering Method for the Topographic Survey of Mudflats.
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Obtaining High-Resolution Seabed Topography and Surface Details by Co-Registration of Side-Scan Sonar and Multibeam Echo Sounder Images.
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A new time and spatial fractional heat conduction model for Maxwell nanofluid in porous medium.
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Novel synchronization conditions for time-varying delayed Lur'e system with parametric uncertainty.
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Maximum Fault Tolerant Tile Mining Algorithm Based on Parallel PSO.
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Time Sensitive Network Fault Detection and Location Method Based on Segment Routing.
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Design of Network Slicing System Based on SDN/NFV.
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A Green and High Efficient Architecture for Ground Information Port with SDN.
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Using Three-Frame Difference Algorithm to Detect Moving Objects.
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Structural Dynamics of Corn Threshing Drum Based on Computer Simulation Technology.
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A class of extended time Petri nets for modeling and simulation of discrete event systems.
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Localization of an Underwater Control Network Based on Quasi-Stable Adjustment.
Sensors, 2018

Remote Sensing of Sub-Surface Suspended Sediment Concentration by Using the Range Bias of Green Surface Point of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry.
Remote. Sens., 2018

Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment Concentrations Based on the Waveform Decomposition of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry.
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Side-Scan Sonar Image Mosaic Using Couple Feature Points with Constraint of Track Line Positions.
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Reconstructing Seabed Topography from Side-Scan Sonar Images with Self-Constraint.
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Fast numerical simulation of a new time-space fractional option pricing model governing European call option.
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Comprehensive Detection of Gas Plumes from Multibeam Water Column Images with Minimisation of Noise Interferences.
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A New Radiometric Correction Method for Side-Scan Sonar Images in Consideration of Seabed Sediment Variation.
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A New Method for Acquisition of High-Resolution Seabed Topography by Matching Seabed Classification Images.
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Numerical simulation of a Finite Moment Log Stable model for a European call option.
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An efficient Bayesian approach for Gaussian Bayesian network structure learning.
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Adjusting background noise in cluster analyses of longitudinal data.
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Comparison of different cell type correction methods for genome-scale epigenetics studies.
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Research on Short-Time Prediction of Dynamical Local Replanning Route Guidance Method Based on HMM.
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Identifying Activation Centers with Spatial Cox Point Processes Using fMRI Data.
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MANET网络中基于队列长度的逐跳AC自适应调整机制 (Queue Length Based Per-hop AC Self Adaptation for MANET).
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Pricing decisions of two products with carbon emissions trading and green technology investment.
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