Hongxi Yin

According to our database1, Hongxi Yin authored at least 34 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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1.25 Gbits/s-message experimental transmission utilising chaos-based fibre-optic secure communications over 143 km.
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Secure Social Networks in 5G Systems with Mobile Edge Computing, Caching, and Device-to-Device Communications.
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Integrated Networking, Caching, and Computing for Connected Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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An algorithm of virtual network mapping for underwater wireless optical networks.
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A novel optical network model for network burden release and congestion reduction based on passive optical network.
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An Adaptive and Energy-Efficient Algorithm for Surface Gateway Deployment in Underwater Optical/Acoustic Hybrid Sensor Networks.
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Securing Cognitive Radio Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks with Fog Computing.
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Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Based Optimization for Cache-Enabled Opportunistic Interference Alignment Wireless Networks.
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Software-Defined Networks with Mobile Edge Computing and Caching for Smart Cities: A Big Data Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach.
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A low cost structure of radio-over-fiber system compatible with WDM-PON.
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Performance optimization of the echo state network for time series prediction and spoken digit recognition.
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Handwritten numeral recognition utilizing reservoir computing subject to optoelectronic feedback.
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Experimental realization of long-haul chaotic optical secure communications.
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Design and optimization of all-optical AND and NOR logic gates in a two-dimensional photonic crystal for binary-phase-shift-keyed signals.
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A novel method of the fiber-link fault detection and location with multi-channel and multi-fiber based on chaotic light theory.
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A new family of 2D wavelength/time codes with large cardinality for incoherent spectral amplitude coding OCDMA networks and analysis of its performance.
Photonic Network Communications, 2010

Suggested Rules for Designing Secure Communication Systems Utilizing Chaotic Lasers: A Survey
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Gbits/s physical-layer stream ciphers based on chaotic light
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