Hsin-Yi Lai

Orcid: 0000-0001-6413-0179

According to our database1, Hsin-Yi Lai authored at least 29 papers between 1993 and 2023.

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Design and application of a multimodality-compatible 1Tx/6Rx RF coil for monkey brain MRI at 7T.
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Neuro-Inspired Reinforcement Learning to Improve Trajectory Prediction in Reward-Guided Behavior.
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Selection of Essential Neural Activity Timesteps for Intracortical Brain-Computer Interface Based on Recurrent Neural Network.
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A two-step deep learning approach to data classification and modeling and a demonstration on subject type relationship analysis in the Web of Science.
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Enhancement of Hippocampal Spatial Decoding Using a Dynamic Q-Learning Method With a Relative Reward Using Theta Phase Precession.
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Implementation of BI-RADS Classification and Priority Prediction for Mammogram Pre-screening based on Multi-decision Framework.
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A Deep-Learning Approach to Determine the Dependency between Two Subject Types in the Web of Science.
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Quantitative measurement of Parkinsonian gait from walking in monocular image sequences using a centroid tracking algorithm.
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A Programmable High-Voltage Compliance Neural Stimulator for Deep Brain Stimulation <i>in Vivo</i>.
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Using Constructivism as a Basic Idea to Design Multi-situated Game-Based Learning Platform and ITS Application.
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A Mobile Social Network-Based Group Touring Scheme with FEC Packet Loss Recovery.
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