Huang-Nan Huang

According to our database1, Huang-Nan Huang authored at least 17 papers between 2011 and 2017.

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PhD thesis 




Characteristic roots of a linear scalar system with multiple delays.
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Control & Automation, 2017

Optimization-based image watermarking with integrated quantization embedding in the wavelet-domain.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2016

Optimization-based audio watermarking with integrated quantization embedding.
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Optimization-Based Embedding for Wavelet-Domain Audio Watermarking.
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ECG Sensor Card with Evolving RBP Algorithms for Human Verification.
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Improving SVD-based image watermarking via block-by-block optimization on singular values.
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Optimizing PSNR for Image Watermarking Using Summation Quantization on DWT Coefficients.
Proceedings of the 39th IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2015

Wavelet-Based Watermarking and Compression for ECG Signals with Verification Evaluation.
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Hiding Patients Confidential Datainthe ECG Signal viaa Transform-Domain Quantization Scheme.
J. Medical Systems, 2014

Wavelet-Domain Image Watermarking Using Optimization-Based Mean Quantization.
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A new non-exact Aho-Corasick framework for ECG classification.
SIGARCH Computer Architecture News, 2013

Adaptive audio watermarking via the optimization point of view on the wavelet-based entropy.
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A New Statistical-based Algorithm for ECG Identification.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 2012

A new ECG identification with neural network.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, 2012

Adaptive Audio Watermarking via the Optimization Point of View on the Wavelet-Based Entropy
CoRR, 2011

Wavelet-Based Entropy for Digital Audio Watermarking.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 2011

Biometric Electrocardiogram Card for Access Control System.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, 2011