Huifang Deng

According to our database1, Huifang Deng authored at least 26 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Using relative von Neumann and Shannon entropies for feature fusion.
Int. J. Systems Science, 2019

Detection of Microblog Overlapping Community Based on Multidimensional Information and Edge Distance Matrix.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Security - 5th International Conference, 2019

Using program branch probability for the thread parallelisation of branch divergence on the CUDA platform.
IJAACS, 2018

Elastic Scheduling of Scientific Workflows under Deadline Constraints in Cloud Computing Environments.
Future Internet, 2018

Mining and updating association rules based on fuzzy concept lattice.
Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2018

Medical Image Classification Based on Deep Features Extracted by Deep Model and Statistic Feature Fusion with Multilayer Perceptron.
Comp. Int. and Neurosc., 2018

Speeding up LP-SVM Using CUDA Platform.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Natural Computation, 2018

Multiscale High-Level Feature Fusion for Histopathological Image Classification.
Comp. Math. Methods in Medicine, 2017

Using Fuzzy Concept Lattice for Intelligent Disease Diagnosis.
IEEE Access, 2017

Design and implementation of Android-based health and healthcare system.
Proceedings of the 2016 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 2016

A Collision and Reaction Model of Feature Fusion: Mechanism and Realization.
IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2015

An Abelian group model of commutative data dependence relations for the iteration space slicing.
Proceedings of the 16th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, 2015

Knowledge transfer across different domain data with multiple views.
Neural Computing and Applications, 2014

Quantum inspired method of feature fusion based on von Neumann entropy.
Information Fusion, 2014

Outlier detection on uncertain data based on local information.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2013

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Cloud Computing Architecture Based on Cloud Bus.
Proceedings of the IEEE 9th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, 2013

Modeling of Urban Post-disaster Reconstruction Using Extended Cellular Automata.
Proceedings of the Geo-Informatics in Resource Management and Sustainable Ecosystem, 2013

GPU-based Real-time Decoding Technique for High-definition Videos.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 2012

Kernel Mean Matching with a Large Margin.
Proceedings of the Advanced Data Mining and Applications, 8th International Conference, 2012

A heterogeneous data exchange approach for RFID-based logistics-customs clearance public service platform.

A new method of distance measure for graph-based semi-supervised learning.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2011

RFID public logistics information sharing and exchanging solution.
IJMTM, 2010

Research on High Performance RFID Code Resolving Technology.
Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Intelligent Information Technology and Security Informatics, 2010

Identity Authentication in RFID Based Logistics-Customs Clearance Service Platform.
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Web-based system evolution in model driven architecture.
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Exploring the Way of Training High-Level Software Talents with Global Reach in China.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Young Computer Scientists, 2008