Ibrahim Almarashdeh

According to our database1, Ibrahim Almarashdeh authored at least 11 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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Improved Multi-Verse Optimizer Feature Selection Technique With Application To Phishing, Spam, and Denial Of Service Attacks.
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How perceived justice affects total user satisfaction: applying service recovery perspective.
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An improved rule induction based denial of service attacks classification model.
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Hybrid Elitist-Ant System for Nurse-Rostering Problem.
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Real-Time Elderly Healthcare Monitoring Expert System Using Wireless Sensor Network.
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The effect of perceived trust in technology, trust in the bank and perceived risk on customer adoption of mobile banking.
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Looking Inside and Outside the System: Examining the Factors Influencing Distance Learners Satisfaction in Learning Management System.
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Search Convenience and Access Convenience: The Difference Between Website Shopping and Mobile Shopping.
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Sharing instructors experience of learning management system: A technology perspective of user satisfaction in distance learning course.
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The effect of elite pool in hybrid population-based meta-heuristics for solving combinatorial optimization problems.
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Heuristic evaluation of mobile government portal services: An experts' review.
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