Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi

According to our database1, Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi authored at least 102 papers between 2001 and 2021.

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A Novel Deceptive Jamming Approach for Hiding Actual Target and Generating False Targets.
Wirel. Commun. Mob. Comput., 2021

An Efficient and Secure Certificate-Based Access Control and Key Agreement Scheme for Flying Ad-Hoc Networks.
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Transmit and receive antenna selection based resource allocation for self-backhaul 5G massive MIMO hetnets.
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Tumor Treatment Protocol by Using Genetic Algorithm Based Bernstein Polynomials and Sliding Mode Controller.
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Anti-Jamming Game to Combat Intelligent Jamming for Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Throughput Enhancement for the Joint Radar-Communication Systems Based on Cognitive Closed-Loop Design.
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Bandwidth-Efficient Frequency Hopping based Anti-Jamming Game for Cognitive Radio assisted Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Performance Evaluation of Third Harmonic Injection PWM Technique for Three Phase Multilevel Inverter.
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Differential Evolution Based Reliable Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in the Presence of Malicious Users.
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A New Computing Paradigm for Off-Grid Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Compressive Sensing.
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A Genetic Algorithm-Based Soft Decision Fusion Scheme in Cognitive IoT Networks with Malicious Users.
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Novel Image Steganography Based on Preprocessing of Secrete Messages to Attain Enhanced Data Security and Improved Payload Capacity.
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Multiaccess Edge Computing Empowered Flying Ad Hoc Networks with Secure Deployment Using Identity-Based Generalized Signcryption.
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Effects of sliding mode control antiretroviral drug on HIV-1 viral load.
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A New Paradigm for Water Level Regulation using Three Pond Model with Fuzzy Inference System for Run of River Hydropower Plant.
CoRR, 2020

A Robust Multi Sample Compressive Sensing Technique for DOA Estimation Using Sparse Antenna Array.
IEEE Access, 2020

An Efficient and Provably Secure Certificateless Key-Encapsulated Signcryption Scheme for Flying Ad-hoc Network.
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Smart IoT Control-Based Nature Inspired Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Flying Ad Hoc Network (FANET).
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Reinforce Based Optimization in Wireless Communication Technologies and Routing Techniques Using Internet of Flying Vehicles.
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Robust LCMV Beamformer for Direction of Arrival Mismatch Without Beam Broadening.
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Improved Reconstruction of MR Scanned Images by Using a Dictionary Learning Scheme.
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Improved algorithms for interference suppression in non-contiguous orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based cognitive radio systems.
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Optimal Secure Information using Digital Watermarking and Fuzzy Rule base.
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CSI Based Multiple Relay Selection and Transmit Power Saving Scheme for Underlay CRNs Using FRBS and Swarm Intelligence.
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Joint power and channel allocation scheme for IEEE 802.11af based smart grid communication network.
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Between-host HIV model: stability analysis and solution using memetic computing.
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Enhancing MR Image Reconstruction Using Block Dictionary Learning.
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Offloading With Hybrid Cell Association in Non-Uniform Heterogeneous Cellular Networks: Modeling and Performance Analysis.
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Throughput Enhancement for Dual-Function Radar-Embedded Communications Using Two Generalized Sidelobe Cancellers.
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Out-of-Band Radiation Reduction in Cognitive Radio OFDM Systems Hybridizing Firefly Algorithm with Generalized Sidelobe Canceller.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2018

Novel sensing and joint beam and null steering based resource allocation for cross-tier interference mitigation in cognitive femtocell networks.
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Flexible Queuing Model for Number of Active Users in Cognitive Radio Network Environment.
Wirel. Commun. Mob. Comput., 2018

One-to-Many Relationship Based Kullback Leibler Divergence against Malicious Users in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing.
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Comparative Analysis and Route Optimization of State of the Art Routing Protocols.
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Compressed Sensing for Security and Payload Enhancement in Digital Audio Steganography.
J. Inf. Hiding Multim. Signal Process., 2018

Respiratory Motion Correction for Compressively Sampled Free Breathing Cardiac MRI Using Smooth l<sub>1</sub>-Norm Approximation.
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A Nature-Inspired Hybrid Technique for Interference Reduction in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Clustering-Based Channel Allocation Scheme for Neighborhood Area Network in a Cognitive Radio Based Smart Grid Communication.
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Ant colony based optimization technique to mitigate dynamic routing challenges in packet based networks.
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Recovery of Failed Element Signal with a Digitally Beamforming Using Linear Symmetrical Array Antenna.
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