Ing Widya

According to our database1, Ing Widya authored at least 39 papers between 1983 and 2016.

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The Conceptual MADE Framework for Pervasive and Knowledge-Based Decision Support in Telemedicine.
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Application of a Conceptual Framework for the Modelling and Execution of Clinical Guidelines as Networks of Concurrent Processes.
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Requirements for a Nutrition Education Demonstrator.
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A*-Based Task Assignment Algorithm for Context-Aware Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems.
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Scenario-based Requirements Elicitation in a Pain-teletreatment Application.
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Enhancing Context Analysis with Intelligence in Providing e-Health Services - Less Infrastructure Dependency in Supporting Cardio-vascular Patients.
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Biosignal and context monitoring: Distributed multimedia applications of Body Area Networks in healthcare.
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An ontology framework for quality of geographical information services.
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An application of augmented MDA for the extended healthcare enterprise.
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Context Aware Body Area Networks for Telemedicine.
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Optimal Assignment of a Tree-Structured Context Reasoning Procedure onto a Host-Satellites System.
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A Framework for Smart Distribution of Bio-Signal Processing Units in M-Health.
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Context-Aware Optimal Assignment of a Chain-Like Processing Task onto Chain-Like Resources in M-Health.
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A Flexible Vital Sign Representation Framework for Mobile Healthcare.
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Delivering Live Multimedia Streams to Mobile Hosts in a Wireless Internet with Multiple Content Aggregators.
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Measurements of SIP signaling over 802.11b links.
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Adding Policy-Based Control to Mobile Hosts Switching between Streaming Proxies.
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A mobility-aware broadcasting infrastructure for a wireless internet with hotspots.
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BANip: Enabling Remote Healthcare Monitoring with Body Area Networks.
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Enterprise Modelling for an Educational Information Infrastructure.
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Tele-Education Process Modelling Supported by The ODP Enterprise Viewpoint Language.
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Developing a Conference Application on Top of an Advanced Signalling Infrastructure.
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Multimedia Teleservices Modelled with the OSI Application Layer Structure.
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Towards an Implementation-oriented Specification of TP Protocol in LOTOS.
Proceedings of the FME '93: Industrial-Strength Formal Methods, 1993

Specification of a Distributed Coordination Function in LOTOS.
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On the Design and Formal Specification of a Transaction Processing Protocol.
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Concurrency Control in a VLSI Design Database.
Proceedings of the 25th ACM/IEEE Conference on Design Automation, 1988

Stable modelling of a continuous covariance function with application to continuous speech.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, 1983