Isai Michel Lombera

According to our database1, Isai Michel Lombera authored at least 17 papers between 2008 and 2016.

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Maintaining censorship resistance in the iTrust network for publication, search and retrieval.
Peer-to-Peer Netw. Appl., 2016

Corrigendum to "Peer-to-Peer Publication, Search and Retrieval Using the Android Mobile Platform" [Computer Networks 65(2014) 56-72].
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Statistical Estimation and Dynamic Adaptation Algorithms for the iTrust Publication, Search and Retrieval System.
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Peer-to-peer publication, search and retrieval using the Android mobile platform.
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Peer management for iTrust over Wi-Fi Direct.
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A Distributed Ranking Algorithm for the iTrust Information Search and Retrieval System.
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Protecting the iTrust Information Retrieval Network against Malicious Attacks.
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Decentralized search and retrieval for mobile networks using SMS.
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Declustering the iTrust Search and Retrieval Network to Increase Trustworthiness.
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A Graphics-User Interface in Support of a Cognitive Inference Architecture.
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