Israel Martín-Escalona

According to our database1, Israel Martín-Escalona authored at least 43 papers between 2002 and 2023.

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Improving Fingerprint-Based Positioning by Using IEEE 802.11mc FTM/RTT Observables.
Sensors, 2023

Design and evaluation of ECO: an augmentative and alternative communication tool.
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IEEE 802.11mc Ranging Performance in a Real NLOS Environment.
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Implementation and analysis of the AODVv2 Routing Protocol in ARM devices.
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A Robust User Association, Backhaul Routing, and Switching Off Model for a 5G Network With Variable Traffic Demands.
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Expert-based Assessment of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Tool.
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DYMO Self-Forwarding: A Simple Way for Reducing the Routing Overhead in MANETs.
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A topic on simulation in telecommunications engineering.
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A software platform for measuring distances through round trip time in IEEE 802.11.
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Software-based system for measuring location observables in IEEE 802.11 networks.
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The introduction of a topic on accessibility in several engineering degrees.
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