István Németi

According to our database1, István Németi authored at least 75 papers between 1973 and 2022.

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Complexity in the interdefinability of timelike, lightlike and spacelike relatedness of Minkowski spacetime.
Ann. Pure Appl. Log., 2022

Two-variable Logic has Weak, but not Strong, Beth Definability.
J. Symb. Log., 2021

Nonrepresentable Relation Algebras from Groups.
Rev. Symb. Log., 2020

Nonrepresentable Relation Algebras from Groups - addendum.
Rev. Symb. Log., 2019

On Tarski's Axiomatic Foundations of the Calculus of Relations.
J. Symb. Log., 2017

On A New Semantics for First-Order Predicate Logic.
J. Philos. Log., 2017

No Faster-Than-Light Observers.
Arch. Formal Proofs, 2016

Using Isabelle/HOL to Verify First-Order Relativity Theory.
J. Autom. Reason., 2014

Comparing Theories: The Dynamics of Changing Vocabulary.
Proceedings of the Johan van Benthem on Logic and Information Dynamics, 2014

A logic road from special relativity to general relativity.
Synth., 2012

Closed timelike Curves in relativistic Computation.
Parallel Process. Lett., 2012

Decidability, Undecidability, and Gödel's Incompleteness in Relativity Theories.
Parallel Process. Lett., 2012

Using Isabelle to verify special relativity, with application to hypercomputation theory
CoRR, 2012

Residuated Kleene Algebras.
Proceedings of the Logic and Program Semantics, 2012

The equational theory of Kleene lattices.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 2011

Weakly higher order cylindric algebras and finite axiomatization of the representables.
Stud Logica, 2009

General relativistic hypercomputing and foundation of mathematics.
Nat. Comput., 2009

Axiomatizing Relativistic Dynamics without Conservation Postulates.
Stud Logica, 2008

Omitting types for finite variable fragments and complete representations of algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 2008

Logic of Space-Time and Relativity Theory.
Proceedings of the Handbook of Spatial Logics, 2007

Relativistic computers and the Turing barrier.
Appl. Math. Comput., 2006

New Physics and Hypercomputation.
Proceedings of the SOFSEM 2006: Theory and Practice of Computer Science, 2006

Can General Relativistic Computers Break the Turing Barrier?.
Proceedings of the Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers, 2006

Mutual definability does not imply definitional equivalence, a simple example.
Math. Log. Q., 2005

On Neat Reducts of Algebras of Logic.
Stud Logica, 2001

On The Equational Theory of Representable Polyadic Equality Algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 2000

Representability of Pairing Relation Algebras Depends on your Ontology.
Fundam. Informaticae, 2000

Finite Algebras of Relations Are Representable on Finite Sets.
J. Symb. Log., 1999

Relativised Quantification: Some Canonical Varieties of Sequence-Set Algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 1998

Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic.
J. Philos. Log., 1998

Notions of Density That Imply Representability in Algebraic Logic.
Ann. Pure Appl. Log., 1998

Relation Algebras from Cylindric and Polyadic Algebras.
Log. J. IGPL, 1997

Strong Representability of Fork Algebras, a Set Theoretic Foundation.
Log. J. IGPL, 1997

The finite base property for some cylindric-relativized algebras (Abstract).
Proceedings of the Participants Copies of Third International Seminar on the Use of Relational Methods in Computer Science, 1997

Decision problems for equational theories of relation algebras.
Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 126, American Mathematical Society, ISBN: 978-0-8218-0595-4, 1997

Binary Relations and Permutation Groups.
Math. Log. Q., 1995

Perfect Extensions and Derived Algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 1995

Expressibility of Properties of Relations.
J. Symb. Log., 1995

Taming Logic.
J. Log. Lang. Inf., 1995

Decidable and Undecidable Logics with a Binary Modality.
J. Log. Lang. Inf., 1995

Undecidability of the Equational Theory of Some Classes of Residuated Boolean Algebras with Operators.
Log. J. IGPL, 1995

Back and Forth Between Modal Logic and Classical Logic.
Log. J. IGPL, 1995

Connections Between Axioms of Set Theory and Basic Theorems of Universal Algebra.
J. Symb. Log., 1994

The Lattice of Varieties of Representable Relation Algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 1994

Undecidable Varieties of Semilattice - ordered Semigroups, of Boolean Algebras with Operators, and logics extending Lambek Calculus.
Log. J. IGPL, 1993

Applying Algebraic Logic to Logic.
Proceedings of the Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST '93), 1993

On the Strength of Temporal Proofs.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 1991

Algebraization of quantifier logics, an introductory overview.
Stud Logica, 1991

Weak Cylindric Set Algebra and Weak Subdirect Indecomposability.
J. Symb. Log., 1990

Algebraic Logic Conference.
J. Symb. Log., 1989

A System of Logic for Partial Functions Under Existence-Dependent Kleene Equality.
J. Symb. Log., 1988

On cylindric algebraic model theory.
Proceedings of the Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra in Computer Science, Conference, 1988

Relatively free relation algebras.
Proceedings of the Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra in Computer Science, Conference, 1988

A Unifying Theorem for Algebraic Semantics and Dynamic Logics
Inf. Comput., January, 1987

On varieties of cylindric algebras with applications to logic.
Ann. Pure Appl. Log., 1987

Logic and Computation (Panel).
Proceedings of the Information Processing 86, 1986

Cylindric-Relativised Set Algebras have Strong Amalgamation.
J. Symb. Log., 1985

On the Number of Generators of Cylindric Algebras.
J. Symb. Log., 1985

The class of neat-reducts of cylindric algebras is not a variety but is closed with respect to HP.
Notre Dame J. Formal Log., 1983

Every Free Algebra in the Variety Generated by the Representable Dynamic Algebras is Separable and Representable.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 1982

A Complete Logic for Reasoning about Programs via Nonstandard Model Theory II.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 1982

A Complete Logic for Reasoning about Programs via Nonstandard Model Theory I.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 1982

A Characterization of Floyd-Provable Programs.
Proceedings of the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1981, Strbske Pleso, Czechoslovakia, August 31, 1981

Nonstandard Dynamic Logic.
Proceedings of the Logics of Programs, Workshop, Yorktown Heights, New York, USA, May 1981, 1981

Dynamic Algebras of Programs.
Proceedings of the Fundamentals of Computation Theory, 1981

Some Universal Algebraic and Model Theoretic Results in Computer Science.
Proceedings of the Fundamentals of Computation Theory, 1981

Nonstandard runs of Floyd-provable programs.
Proceedings of the Logics of Programs and Their Applications, 1980

Model Theoretic Semantics For Many-Purpose Languages And Language Hierarchies.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, 1980

Completeness Problems in Verification of Programs and Program Schemes.
Proceedings of the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 1979, 1979

Henkin-type semantics for program-schemes to turn negative results to positive.
Proceedings of the Fundamentals of Computation Theory, 1979

The generalized completeness of Horn predicate-logic as a programming language.
Acta Cybern., 1978

Logical foundations for a general theory of systems.
Acta Cybern., 1975

Definition Theory as Basis for a Creative Problem Solver.
Proceedings of the Advance Papers of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1975

On the Role of Mathematical Language Concept in the Theory of Intelligent Systems.
Proceedings of the Advance Papers of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1975

Notes on maximal congruence relations, automata and related topics.
Acta Cybern., 1973