J. V. R. Murthy

According to our database1, J. V. R. Murthy authored at least 18 papers between 2007 and 2017.

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Analysis of Liver Cancer Using Data Mining SVM Algorithm in MATLAB.
Proceedings of the Soft Computing for Problem Solving, 2017

Improving Efficiency of K-Means Algorithm for Large Datasets.
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Bi-level Problem and SMD Assessment Delinquent for Single Impartial Bi-level Optimization.
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A novel method for human age group classification based on Correlation Fractal Dimension of facial edges.
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Optimization of Hyperspectral Images and Performance Evaluation Using Effective Loss Algorithm.
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A Comparative Study of Fractal Dimension Based Age Group Classification of Facial Images with Different Testing Strategies.
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Performance of Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm with Various Teaching Factor Values for Solving Optimization Problems.
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A survey of cross-domain text categorization techniques.
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Anonymity and Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
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A Fault Tolerant Trajectory Clustering (FTTC) for selecting cluster heads inWireless Sensor Networks
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A Hybrid Trajectory Clustering for Predicting User Navigation
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Enhanced User Authentication through Trajectory Clustering
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A Novel Trajectory Clustering technique for selecting cluster heads in Wireless Sensor Networks
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A Study of Decision Tree Induction for Data Stream Mining Using Boosting Genetic Programming Classifier.
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