James R. Driscoll

According to our database1, James R. Driscoll authored at least 34 papers between 1975 and 1997.

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Fast Discrete Polynomial Transforms with Applications to Data Analysis for Distance Transitive Graphs.
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Scheduling Dyadic Intervals.
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Multi-lingual Text Filtering Using Semantic Modeling.
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Using Database Schemes to Detect Relevant Information.
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Incorporating Semantics Within a Connectionist Model and a Vector Processing Model.
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The QA System.
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Structuring Text within a Relational System.
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Modeling the performance of an automated keywording system.
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The operation and performance of an artificially intelligent keywording system.
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Fully Persistent Lists with Catenation.
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Incorporating a Semantic Analysis into a Document Retrieval Strategy.
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Asymptotically Fast Algorithms for Spherical and Related Transforms
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Modeling B-Tree Insertion Activity.
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Making Data Structures Persistent
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A generalized method for maintaining views.
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On the Diameter of Permutation Groups
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Complexity of a proposed database storage structure.
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A relational dbms conforming to an architecture which incorporates a physical storage language and a physical navigation language.
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A very easy hierarchical DBMS implementation.
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