Jameson Mbale

  • University of Namibia

According to our database1, Jameson Mbale authored at least 14 papers between 2002 and 2014.

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African Youth Utilising IT-Essentials Innovation in Re-vitalisation of PCs to Equip Disadvantaged Rural Schools Shaping their ICT Learning Landscape: Namibian Case Study.
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Open Educational Resources and the Opportunities for Expanding Open and Distance Learning (OERS-ODL).
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Ubuntunet Alliance: A Collaborative Research Platform for Sharing of Technological Tools for Eradication of Brain Drain.
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Examining ubiquitous security-capital issues in implementing a Campus-System-as-a-Service(CSaaS) model in the cloud computing age: Case study sub-Saharan region.
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Identity Attributes Mining, Metrics Composition and Information Fusion Implementation Using Fuzzy Inference System.
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The Effect of Distributing Electronic Notes to Students: Ethical Considerations Raised by Computer Science Faculty at the University of Namibia.
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Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Implement a Multifactor Authentication System.
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Global intelligence benevolent builder (GIBB): a system automating integration of heterogeneous classical databases and web.
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