Jan Franklin Adamowski

According to our database1, Jan Franklin Adamowski authored at least 20 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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An ensemble tree-based machine learning model for predicting the uniaxial compressive strength of travertine rocks.
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A stochastic wavelet-based data-driven framework for forecasting uncertain multiscale hydrological and water resources processes.
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Flood Spatial Modeling in Northern Iran Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Comparison between Evidential Belief Functions and Its Ensemble with a Multivariate Logistic Regression Model.
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A GIS Tool for Mapping Dam-Break Flood Hazards in Italy.
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Hybrid artificial intelligence-time series models for monthly streamflow modeling.
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Artificial intelligence approach for the prediction of Robusta coffee yield using soil fertility properties.
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Using <i>FloodRisk</i> GIS freeware for uncertainty analysis of direct economic flood damages in Italy.
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Short-term electricity demand forecasting with MARS, SVR and ARIMA models using aggregated demand data in Queensland, Australia.
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Linking Spaceborne and Ground Observations of Autumn Foliage Senescence in Southern Québec, Canada.
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A Hybrid of Genetic Algorithm and Evidential Reasoning for Optimal Design of Project Scheduling: A Systematic Negotiation Framework for Multiple Decision-Makers.
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Development of a software tool for rapid, reproducible, and stakeholder-friendly dynamic coupling of system dynamics and physically-based models.
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Parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis of the Spatial Agro Hydro Salinity Model (SAHYSMOD) in the semi-arid climate of Rechna Doab, Pakistan.
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A review of progress in identifying and characterizing biocrusts using proximal and remote sensing.
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A novel multi criteria decision making model for optimizing time-cost-quality trade-off problems in construction projects.
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Development of expert systems for the prediction of scour depth under live-bed conditions at river confluences: Application of different types of ANNs and the M5P model tree.
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