Jan Saat

According to our database1, Jan Saat authored at least 15 papers between 2008 and 2013.

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Applicability of Business Process Model Analysis Approaches - A Case Study in Financial Services Consulting.
Proceedings of the 11. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2013

The Influence of Regulation on Data Warehouse Engineering - Investigating an IT Consulting Case in the Financial Service Industry.
Proceedings of the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2013

Understanding processes for model-based enterprise transformation planning.
International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, 2011

Analysis of IT/Business Alignment Situations as a Precondition for the Design and Engineering of Situated IT/Business Alignment Solutions.
Proceedings of the 44th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS-44 2011), 2011

Planung der Unternehmensarchitektur: Vorgehen - Gestaltungsgegenstand - Alternativenbewertung.
PhD thesis, 2010

Wertbeitrag serviceorientierter Architekturen.
HMD - Praxis Wirtschaftsinform., 2010

Trends in Enterprise Architecture Practice - A Survey.
Proceedings of the Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research - 5th International Workshop, 2010

Zeitbezogene Abhängigkeitsanalysen der Unternehmensarchitektur.
Proceedings of the Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2010

Enterprise Architecture Meta Models for IT/Business Alignment Situations.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, 2010

Empirische Validierung von Integrationstypen am Beispiel unternehmensübergreifender Integration.
Proceedings of the Business Services: Konzepte, 2009

Enterprise Meta Modeling Methods - Combining a Stakeholder-Oriented and a Causality-Based Approach.
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Complexity Levels of Representing Dynamics in EA Planning.
Proceedings of the Advances in Enterprise Engineering III, 5th International Workshop, 2009

Assessing the Complexity of Dynamics in Enterprise Architecture Planning - Lessons from Chaos Theory.
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Stakeholderorientierte Dokumentation und Analyse der Unternehmensarchitektur.
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Szenariobasierte Entwicklung der Unternehmensarchitektur bei der Real-Time Center AG.
Proceedings of the DW 2008, 2008