János Abonyi

According to our database1, János Abonyi authored at least 74 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Test Plan for the Verification of the Robustness of Sensors and Automotive Electronic Products Using Scenario-Based Noise Deployment (SND).
Sensors, 2021

Industry 4.0-Driven Development of Optimization Algorithms: A Systematic Overview.
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Estimation of machine setup and changeover times by survival analysis.
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A Review of Semantic Sensor Technologies in Internet of Things Architectures.
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Test-sequence optimisation by survival analysis.
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Genetic programming-based development of thermal runaway criteria.
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Learning and predicting operation strategies by sequence mining and deep learning.
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Software Sensor for Activity-Time Monitoring and Fault Detection in Production Lines.
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Network Distance-Based Simulated Annealing and Fuzzy Clustering for Sensor Placement Ensuring Observability and Minimal Relative Degree.
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Multilayer Network-Based Production Flow Analysis.
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The Settlement Structure Is Reflected in Personal Investments: Distance-Dependent Network Modularity-Based Measurement of Regional Attractiveness.
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Hierarchical Frequent Sequence Mining Algorithm for the Analysis of Alarm Cascades in Chemical Processes.
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Sequence Mining Based Alarm Suppression.
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Redesign of the supply of mobile mechanics based on a novel genetic optimization algorithm using Google Maps API.
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