Javad Ahmadi-Shokouh

According to our database1, Javad Ahmadi-Shokouh authored at least 26 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Substrate Integrated Waveguide Corrugated Horn Antenna.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2019

Compact UWB filter with narrow notched band based on grounded circular patch resonator.
Int. J. Ultra Wideband Commun. Syst., 2019

Theoretical Based Design of Ultra-Wideband Filter with Dual Band-Notch.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2018

Novel and simple monopole blade antenna with ultra-wide bandwidth for avionics applications.
Int. J. Ultra Wideband Commun. Syst., 2018

Beamsteering for Non-uniform Weighted Array-Fed Reflector Antenna.
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Empirical MIMO beamforming and channel measurements at 57-64 GHz frequencies.
Trans. Emerg. Telecommun. Technol., 2015

Optimum Coverage/Capacity in MIMO Indoor Channel with Minimum Transmitters.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2013

Outage probability scaling laws for SISO and MIMO ad-hoc networks.
Trans. Emerg. Telecommun. Technol., 2013

Optimality of transmitter location in a wireless network with RAKE receivers.
IET Commun., 2012

On the providing signal coverage for a dense map of receivers in Indoor environment using integrating Ray Tracing - Genetic algorithm.
Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Telecommunications, 2012

Asymptotic analysis of the outage probability for MIMO ad-hoc networks.
Proceedings of the IEEE 22nd International Symposium on Personal, 2011

Pre-LNA smart soft antenna selection for MIMO spatial multiplexing/diversity system when amplifier/sky noise dominates.
Eur. Trans. Telecommun., 2010

Dynamic range consideration in MIMO systems with Hybrid Antenna Selection.
Proceedings of the IEEE 21st International Symposium on Personal, 2010

Optimal receive soft antenna selection for MIMO interference channels.
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Ultra-wideband (UWB) communications channel measurements - a tutorial review.
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Reflection Coefficient Measurement for House Flooring Materials at 57-64 GHz.
Proceedings of the Global Communications Conference, 2009. GLOBECOM 2009, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 30 November, 2009

Receive Soft Antenna Selection for Noise-Limited/Interference MIMO Channels.
PhD thesis, 2008

Image restoration based on Laplacian preprocessed long-range correlation.
Multidimens. Syst. Signal Process., 2008

Zero-Knowledge Beamforming for Mobile Satellite Phased Array Antenna.
Proceedings of the 68th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2008

On the Optimal Receive Soft Antenna Selection for Reliable Communications in MIMO Interference Channels.
Proceedings of the 68th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2008

A Vector-Hydrophone's Minimal Composition for Finite Estimation-Variance in Direction-Finding Near/Without a Reflecting Boundary.
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Capacity of SPRAS-MIMO System with MMSE Channel Estimation.
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Channel Estimation for OFDM-Based SPRAS-MIMO System.
Proceedings of the Global Telecommunications Conference, 2006. GLOBECOM '06, San Francisco, CA, USA, 27 November, 2006

Cramer-Rao bounds for different vector-hydrophone's configurations located near a pressure-release boundary.
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Wireless And Mobile Computing, 2005

A vector-hydrophone~s minimal composition for finite estimation-variance in direction-finding near a rigid reflecting boundary.
Proceedings of the Global Telecommunications Conference, 2005. GLOBECOM '05, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 28 November, 2005

Analytically derived uplink/downlink TOA and 2D-DOA distributions with scatterers in a 3D hemispheroid surrounding the mobile.
Proceedings of the Global Telecommunications Conference, 2004. GLOBECOM '04, Dallas, Texas, USA, 29 November, 2004