Jean-Camille Birget

According to our database1, Jean-Camille Birget authored at least 50 papers between 1988 and 2022.

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The symmetric Post Correspondence Problem, and errata for the freeness problem for matrix semigroups.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2022

On the complexity of the word problem of the R. Thompson group V.
CoRR, 2022

Evaluation problems for the Thompson group and the Brin-Thompson group, and their relation to the word problem.
CoRR, 2021

The word problem of the Brin-Thompson groups is coNP-complete.
CoRR, 2019

Polynomial-time right-ideal morphisms and congruences.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2018

Infinitely generated semigroups and polynomial complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2016

Semigroups and one-way functions.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2015

A Wavelet-Based Almost-Sure Uniform Approximation of Fractional Brownian Motion with a Parallel Algorithm.
J. Appl. Probab., 2014

A theoretical approach to gene network identification.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, 2012

Identification of binary gene networks.
Proceedings of the 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, 2012

On the Circuit-Size of inverses.
Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci., 2011

The Thompson-Higman Monoids M<sub>k, i</sub>: The J-Order, The D-Relation, and their Complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2011

The - and -Orders of the Thompson-Higman Monoid M<sub>k, 1</sub> and their Complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2010

Factorizations of the Thompson-higman Groups, and Circuit Complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2008

Modeling user choice in the PassPoints graphical password scheme.
Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, 2007

Graphical passwords based on robust discretization.
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Circuits, the Groups of Richard Thompson, and Conp-completeness.
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Design and evaluation of a shoulder-surfing resistant graphical password scheme.
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PassPoints: Design and longitudinal evaluation of a graphical password system.
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On public-key cryptosystems based on combinatorial group theory.
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Authentication using graphical passwords: effects of tolerance and image choice.
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The Groups of Richard Thompson and Complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2004

Functions on Groups and Computational Complexity.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 2004

Deviation bounds for wavelet shrinkage.
IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, 2003

Robust discretization, with an application to graphical passwords.
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Probabilistic behavior of hash tables
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Approximation of some NP-hard optimization problems by finite machines, in probability.
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Hierarchy-based access control in distributed environments.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2001

PSPACE-complete problems for subgroups of free groups and inverse finite automata.
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Reductions and functors from problems to word problems.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 2000

On the Word Problem for Tensor Products and Amalgams of Monoids.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 1999

Infinite String Rewrite Systems and Complexity.
J. Symb. Comput., 1998

Time-Complexity of the Word Problem for Semigroups and the Higman Embedding Theorem.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 1998

Probabilistic Approximation of Some NP Optimization Problems by Finite-State Machines.
Proceedings of the Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science, 1997

Two-Way Automata and Length-Preserving Homomorphisms.
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The State Complexity of \Sigma * L and its Connection with Temporal Logic.
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Formal Languages Defined by Uniform Substitutions.
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The Word Problem for Inverse Monoids Presented by One Idempotent Relator.
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Positional Simulation of Two-Way Automata: Proof of a Conjecture of R. Kannan and Generalizations.
J. Comput. Syst. Sci., 1992

Intersection and Union of Regular Languages and State Complexity.
Inf. Process. Lett., 1992

Intersection of Regular Languages and State Complexity.
SIGACT News, 1991

On the Undecidability of the Freeness of Integer Matrix Semigroups.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 1991

Strict Local Testability of the Finite Control of Two-Way Automata and of Regular Picture Description Languages.
Int. J. Algebra Comput., 1991

Two-way automaton computations.
RAIRO Theor. Informatics Appl., 1990

Concatenation of Inputs in a Two-Way Automaton.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 1989

Proof of a Conjecture of R. Kannan
Proceedings of the 21st Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, 1989

Basic techniques for two-way finite automata.
Proceedings of the Formal Properties of Finite Automata and Applications, 1988