Jean-François Baffier

Orcid: 0000-0002-8800-6356

According to our database1, Jean-François Baffier authored at least 20 papers between 2014 and 2023.

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Learning qubo Models for Quantum Annealing: A Constraint-Based Approach.
Proceedings of the Computational Science - ICCS 2023, 2023

An Autonomous Resource Management Model towards Cloud Morphing.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Edge Systems, Analytics and Networking, 2023

Error function learning with interpretable compositional networks for constraint-based local search.
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Automatic Cost Function Learning with Interpretable Compositional Networks.
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Skull and Roses Card Game.
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Introducing Multilayer Stream Graphs and Layer Centralities.
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Gap-planar graphs.
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Bilevel Model for Adaptive Network Flow Problem.
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Experimental Study of Compressed Stack Algorithms in Limited Memory Environments.
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Hanabi is NP-hard, even for cheaters who look at their cards.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 2017

Erratum to: Multiplex flows in citation networks.
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Multiplex flows in citation networks.
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ghost: A Combinatorial Optimization Framework for Real-Time Problems.
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Parametric multiroute flow and its application to multilink-attack network.
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Hanabi is NP-complete, Even for Cheaters who Look at Their Cards.
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Flows of Knowledge in Citation Networks.
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