Jeremy C. Wyatt

According to our database1, Jeremy C. Wyatt authored at least 26 papers between 1995 and 2018.

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How standards and user involvement can improve app quality: A lifecycle approach.
I. J. Medical Informatics, 2018

The impact of three discharge coding methods on the accuracy of diagnostic coding and hospital reimbursement for inpatient medical care.
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Modeling information flows in clinical decision support: key insights for enhancing system effectiveness.
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Introducing a nationally shared electronic patient record: Case study comparison of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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Evaluating the reliability, validity, acceptability, and practicality of SMS text messaging as a tool to collect research data: results from the Feeding Your Baby project.
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Automation bias: a systematic review of frequency, effect mediators, and mitigators.
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Making electronic prescribing alerts more effective: scenario-based experimental study in junior doctors.
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National-scale clinical information exchange in the United Kingdom: lessons for the United States.
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The case for randomized controlled trials to assess the impact of clinical information systems.
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Automation Bias - A Hidden Issue for Clinical Decision Support System Use.
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Decision Support and Automation Bias: Methodology and Preliminary Results of a Systematic Review.
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Research Paper: US and Scottish Health Professionals' Attitudes toward DNA Biobanking.
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Reviewing the integration of patient data: how systems are evolving in practice to meet patient needs.
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Diagnostic omission errors in acute paediatric practice: impact of a reminder system on decision-making.
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Assessment of the potential impact of a reminder system on the reduction of diagnostic errors: a quasi-experimental study.
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Decision tools in health care: focus on the problem, not the solution.
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Research Paper: Measuring the Impact of Diagnostic Decision Support on the Quality of Clinical Decision Making: Development of a Reliable and Valid Composite Score.
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When and how to evaluate health information systems?
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When to Use Web-based Surveys.
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Developing A Knowledge-based Tool for Authoring Clinical Trial Protocols.
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Research Paper: A Continuous-speech Interface to a Decision Support System: II. An Evaluation Using a Wizard-of-Oz Experimental Paradigm.
JAMIA, 1995