Jessada Tariboon

According to our database1, Jessada Tariboon authored at least 30 papers between 2010 and 2023.

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Systems of Sequential ψ1-Hilfer and ψ2-Caputo Fractional Differential Equations with Fractional Integro-Differential Nonlocal Boundary Conditions.
Symmetry, February, 2023

On a Coupled Differential System Involving (k, ψ)-Hilfer Derivative and (k, ψ)-Riemann-Liouville Integral Operators.
Axioms, 2023

Existence Results for Nonlinear Coupled Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations with Nonlocal Riemann-Liouville and Hadamard-Type Iterated Integral Boundary Conditions.
Symmetry, 2022

On a Nonlocal Coupled System of Hilfer Generalized Proportional Fractional Differential Equations.
Symmetry, 2022

Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems for (k, ϕ)-Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations and Inclusions.
Axioms, 2022

On (k, ψ)-Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations and Inclusions with Mixed (k, ψ)-Derivative and Integral Boundary Conditions.
Axioms, 2022

Hermite-Hadamard Inclusions for Co-Ordinated Interval-Valued Functions via Post-Quantum Calculus.
Symmetry, 2021

Approximate Solutions of an Extended Multi-Order Boundary Value Problem by Implementing Two Numerical Algorithms.
Symmetry, 2021

Fractional (p, q)-Calculus on Finite Intervals and Some Integral Inequalities.
Symmetry, 2021

Certain Finite Integrals Related to the Products of Special Functions.
Symmetry, 2021

On (p, q)-Analogues of Laplace-Typed Integral Transforms and Applications.
Symmetry, 2021

On Fejér Type Inequalities via (p, q)-Calculus.
Symmetry, 2021

Some New Simpson's-Formula-Type Inequalities for Twice-Differentiable Convex Functions via Generalized Fractional Operators.
Symmetry, 2021

Vieta-Fibonacci operational matrices for spectral solutions of variable-order fractional integro-differential equations.
J. Comput. Appl. Math., 2021

Some Parameterized Quantum Midpoint and Quantum Trapezoid Type Inequalities for Convex Functions with Applications.
Entropy, 2021

Sequential Riemann-Liouville and Hadamard-Caputo Fractional Differential Equation with Iterated Fractional Integrals Conditions.
Axioms, 2021

Sequential Riemann-Liouville and Hadamard-Caputo Fractional Differential Systems with Nonlocal Coupled Fractional Integral Boundary Conditions.
Axioms, 2021

Non-Instantaneous Impulsive Boundary Value Problems Containing Caputo Fractional Derivative of a Function with Respect to Another Function and Riemann-Stieltjes Fractional Integral Boundary Conditions.
Axioms, 2021

(<i>p</i>, <i>q</i>)-Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities for Double Integral and (<i>p</i>, <i>q</i>)-Differentiable Convex Functions.
Axioms, 2019

Coupled Systems of Sequential Caputo and Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations with Coupled Separated Boundary Conditions.
Symmetry, 2018

A Study of nonlinear fractional-order boundary Value Problem with nonlocal Erdelyi-Kober and generalized Riemann-Liouville Type integral boundary conditions.
Math. Model. Anal., 2017

Quantum Difference Langevin System with Nonlocal q-Derivative Conditions.
Int. J. Math. Math. Sci., 2016

A study of mixed Hadamard and Riemann-Liouville fractional integro-differential inclusions via endpoint theory.
Appl. Math. Lett., 2016

Impulsive fractional q-integro-difference equations with separated boundary conditions.
Appl. Math. Comput., 2016

Boundary Value Problems for Fractional Differential Equations with Fractional Multiterm Integral Conditions.
J. Appl. Math., 2014

Some New Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral Inequalities.
Int. J. Math. Math. Sci., 2014

Three-Point Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Second-Order q-Difference Equations Involving Different Numbers of q.
J. Appl. Math., 2013

Sequential Derivatives of Nonlinear q-Difference Equations with Three-Point q-Integral Boundary Conditions.
J. Appl. Math., 2013

Positive Solutions to a Generalized Second-Order Difference Equation with Summation Boundary Value Problem.
J. Appl. Math., 2012

Boundary value problems for first order functional differential equations with impulsive integral conditions.
J. Comput. Appl. Math., 2010