Jesús Bobadilla

Orcid: 0000-0003-0619-1322

According to our database1, Jesús Bobadilla authored at least 59 papers between 1989 and 2024.

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Wasserstein GAN-based architecture to generate collaborative filtering synthetic datasets.
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Creating synthetic datasets for collaborative filtering recommender systems using generative adversarial networks.
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Neural group recommendation based on a probabilistic semantic aggregation.
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Deep variational models for collaborative filtering-based recommender systems.
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Deep Neural Aggregation for Recommending Items to Group of Users.
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Deep learning feature selection to unhide demographic recommender systems factors.
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Providing reliability in recommender systems through Bernoulli Matrix Factorization.
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DeepFair: Deep Learning for Improving Fairness in Recommender Systems.
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Collaborative Filtering to Predict Sensor Array Values in Large IoT Networks.
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Classification-based Deep Neural Network Architecture for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems.
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A Collaborative Filtering Probabilistic Approach for Recommendation to Large Homogeneous and Automatically Detected Groups.
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MaliciousML: MovieLens dataset attacked with diverse profile injection attacks.
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A New Recommendation Approach Based on Probabilistic Soft Clustering Methods: A Scientific Documentation Case Study.
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Robust Model-Based Reliability Approach to Tackle Shilling Attacks in Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems.
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CF4J: Collaborative filtering for Java.
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<i>VisualRS</i>: Java framework for visualization of recommender systems information.
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Assigning reliability values to recommendations using matrix factorization.
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Reliability quality measures for recommender systems.
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Method to interactively visualize and navigate related information.
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An Efficient Recommender System Method Based on the Numerical Relevances and the Non-Numerical Structures of the Ratings.
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Hierarchical graph maps for visualization of collaborative recommender systems.
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A similarity metric designed to speed up, using hardware, the recommender systems k-nearest neighbors algorithm.
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Recommender systems survey.
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Incorporating reliability measurements into the predictions of a recommender system.
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Trees for explaining recommendations made through collaborative filtering.
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Generalization of recommender systems: Collaborative filtering extended to groups of users and restricted to groups of items.
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A framework for collaborative filtering recommender systems.
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e-learning experience using recommender systems.
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Collaborative Filtering Based on Choosing a Different Number of Neighbors for Each User.
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Reducing Recommender Systems Data Base Sizes and Improving their Accuracy.
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Mapaci: A Real Time e-Health Application to Assist Throat Complaint Patients.
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A Fuzzy Multi-agent System for Secure Remote Control of a Mobile Guard Robot.
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Estimation of speech formant-dynamics using neural networks.
Proceedings of the Fourth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, 1995

Desarrollo de algoritmos basados en filtrado adaptativo y su aplicación en el estudio de la fonética acústica española.
PhD thesis, 1989