Jesús Muñuzuri

According to our database1, Jesús Muñuzuri
  • authored at least 28 papers between 2006 and 2018.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of five.



In proceedings 
PhD thesis 




Genetic algorithms to optimize the operating costs of electricity and heating networks in buildings considering distributed energy generation and storage.
Computers & OR, 2018

Mathematical Formulation and Comparison of Solution Approaches for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Access Time Windows.
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A tabu search approach to solving the picking routing problem for large- and medium-size distribution centres considering the availability of inventory and K heterogeneous material handling equipment.
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Teaching Heuristic Methods to Industrial Engineers: A Problem-Based Experience.
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An allocation-scheduling heuristic to manage train traffic in an intermodal terminal.
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A viral system to optimise the daily drayage problem.
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Dynamic Fuzzy Logic Elevator Group Control System With Relative Waiting Time Consideration.
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Estimating the extra costs imposed on delivery vehicles using access time windows in a city.
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Dynamic Fuzzy Logic Elevator Group Control System for Energy Optimization.
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Dynamic approach to solve the daily drayage problem with transit time uncertainty.
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A viral system algorithm to optimize the car dispatching in elevator group control systems of tall buildings.
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Selecting the location of minihubs for freight delivery in congested downtown areas.
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Recent advances and future trends in city logistics.
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Use of a genetic algorithm for building efficient choice designs.
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A Tabu Search algorithm for dynamic routing in ATM cell-switching networks.
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A satellite navigation system to improve the management of intermodal drayage.
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Berth allocation planning in Seville inland port by simulation and optimisation.
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A drayage problem considering real-time vehicle position knowledge by using genetic algorithm.
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A viral system massive infection algorithm to solve the Steiner tree problem in graphs with medium terminal density.
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Modelling peak-hour urban freight movements with limited data availability.
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A brief review of the state of the art in Operational Research in Telecommunications.
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Design and analysis of an object-oriented discrete-event simulation engine for ATM telecommunication networks.
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Viral systems: A new bio-inspired optimisation approach.
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Andalucía Assesses the Investment Needed to Deploy a Fiber-Optic Network.
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