Joan Boyar

According to our database1, Joan Boyar authored at least 85 papers between 1982 and 2022.

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Relaxing the Irrevocability Requirement for Online Graph Algorithms.
Algorithmica, 2022

Online Unit Profit Knapsack with Untrusted Predictions.
Proceedings of the 18th Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory, 2022

Relative Worst-order Analysis: A Survey.
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Online Bin Covering with Advice.
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Randomized distributed online algorithms against adaptive offline adversaries.
Inf. Process. Lett., 2020

Tight Bounds for Restricted Grid Scheduling.
Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci., 2019

Scrutinizing the Tower Field Implementation of the 픽<sub>2<sup>8</sup></sub> Inverter - with Applications to AES, Camellia, and SM4.
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Advice Complexity of Adaptive Priority Algorithms.
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Small low-depth circuits for cryptographic applications.
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Online Dominating Set.
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Multiplicative complexity of vector valued Boolean functions.
Theor. Comput. Sci., 2018

Online-bounded analysis.
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Weighted Online Problems with Advice.
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Adding isolated vertices makes some greedy online algorithms optimal.
Discret. Appl. Math., 2018

The Scheduler is Very Powerful in Competitive Analysis of Distributed List Accessing.
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Batch Coloring of Graphs.
Algorithmica, 2018

The Advice Complexity of a Class of Hard Online Problems.
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On the list update problem with advice.
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Online Algorithms with Advice: A Survey.
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On various nonlinearity measures for boolean functions.
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Online Bin Packing with Advice.
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Cancellation-free circuits in unbounded and bounded depth.
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The Frequent Items Problem in Online Streaming Under Various Performance Measures.
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A Comparison of Performance Measures for Online Algorithms.
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Advice Complexity for a Class of Online Problems.
Proceedings of the 32nd International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, 2015

Adding Isolated Vertices Makes Some Online Algorithms Optimal.
Proceedings of the Combinatorial Algorithms - 26th International Workshop, 2015

Constructive Relationships Between Algebraic Thickness and Normality.
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A comparison of performance measures via online search.
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Four Measures of Nonlinearity.
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Bounds for Scheduling Jobs on Grid Processors.
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A new variable-sized bin packing problem.
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On the absolute approximation ratio for First Fit and related results.
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Cancellation-free circuits: An approach for proving superlinear lower bounds for linear Boolean operators
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Access Graphs Results for LRU versus FIFO under Relative Worst Order Analysis.
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A Small Depth-16 Circuit for the AES S-Box.
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A depth-16 circuit for the AES S-box.
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Tight results for Next Fit and Worst Fit with resource augmentation.
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Priority algorithms for graph optimization problems.
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Scheduling Jobs on Grid Processors.
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A theoretical comparison of LRU and LRU-K.
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New logic minimization techniques with applications to cryptology.
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Tight bounds for the multiplicative complexity of symmetric functions.
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The relative worst order ratio applied to seat reservation.
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On the Shortest Linear Straight-Line Program for Computing Linear Forms.
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The relative worst order ratio for online algorithms.
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The relative worst-order ratio applied to paging.
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The maximum resource bin packing problem.
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Theoretical Evidence for the Superiority of LRU-2 over LRU for the Paging Problem.
Proceedings of the Approximation and Online Algorithms, 4th International Workshop, 2006

Concrete Multiplicative Complexity of Symmetric Functions.
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The Exact Multiplicative Complexity of the Hamming Weight Function
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Priority Algorithms for Graph Optimization Problems.
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Tight Bounds on the Competitive Ratio on Accommodating Sequences for the Seat Reservation Problem.
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Extending the accommodating function.
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Seat Reservation Allowing Seat Changes.
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Amortization Results for Chromatic Search Trees, with an Application to Priority Queues.
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Short Discrete Proofs.
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Subquadratic Zero-Knowledge.
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Efficient Rebalancing of Chromatic Search Trees.
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An Arithmetic Model of Computation Equivalent to Threshold Circuits.
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Practical Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Giving Hints and Using Deficiencies.
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A Discrete Logarithm Implementation of Perfect Zero-Knowledge Blobs.
J. Cryptol., 1990

Convertible Undeniable Signatures.
Proceedings of the Advances in Cryptology, 1990

Inferring Sequences Produced by a Linear Congruential Generator Missing Low-Order Bits.
J. Cryptol., 1989

Inferring sequences produced by pseudo-random number generators.
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On the Concrete Complexity of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
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Inferring a Sequence Generated by a Linear Congruence
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Inferring a Sequence Produced by a Linear Congruence.
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