João Cardoso

According to our database1, João Cardoso authored at least 33 papers between 2010 and 2018.

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Risk Factors Identification in the Domain of Scientific Data Management: A Generic Assessment Supported by a Delphi Study.
World Digital Libraries, 2018

Benchmarking Pub/Sub IoT middleware platforms for smart services.
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Supervised learning methods for pathological arterial pulse wave differentiation: A SVM and neural networks approach.
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Benchmarking IoT middleware platforms.
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Collaborative Process Mapping to Improve Work Instructions and Standardized Work.
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Freehand Gesture-Based 3D Manipulation Methods for Interaction with Large Displays.
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Performance Analysis of Spatial Laser Speckle Contrast Implementations.
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An automatic method for arterial pulse waveform recognition using KNN and SVM classifiers.
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Which wavelength is the best for arterial pulse waveform extraction using laser speckle imaging?
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OAEI 2016 results of AML.
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Ontology-Based Approach for Heterogeneity Analysis of EA Models.
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Signal (Stream) synchronization with White noise sources, in biomedical applications.
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Developing and Evaluating Two Gestural-Based Virtual Environment Navigation Methods for Large Displays.
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A Novel and Low Cost Acoustic based Probe for Local Pulse Wave Velocity Estimation - Experimental Characterization and in-Vivo Feasibility.
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Snoring Analysis on Full Night Recordings based in the Energy and Entropy in PSG Basal Studies.
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Bioimpedance Parameter as a Risk Factor to Assess Pine Decay - An Innovative Approach to the Diagnosis of Plant Diseases.
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Indices and Repeatability Tests of Cardiovascular Function Performed on the Arterial Distension Waveform - Case Study: Angiography Intervention.
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Data Mining based Methodologies for Cardiac Risk Patterns Identification.
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An Algorithm to Assemble Gene-Protein-Reaction Associations for Genome-Scale Metabolic Model Reconstruction.
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Face and Eye Tracking for Parameterization of Cochlear Implants.
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A Real Time Cardiac Monitoring System - Arterial Pressure Waveform Capture and Analysis.
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Proceedings of the BIOSIGNALS 2010, 2010