Joel H. Spencer

  • New York University, USA

According to our database1, Joel H. Spencer authored at least 134 papers between 1971 and 2020.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of two.
  • Erdős number3 of one.



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On-line balancing of random inputs.
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Existential monadic second order logic on random rooted trees.
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Preferential Attachment When Stable.
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Bounded quantifier depth spectra for random graphs.
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Queueing with future information.
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Complexity and effective prediction.
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Synchrony and Asynchrony in Neural Networks.
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Birth control for giants.
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Simulating a Random Walk with Constant Error.
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Erdős Magic.
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The Tenacity of Zero-One Laws.
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Ten Years!
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New Bounds on Crossing Numbers.
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Packing Ferrers Shapes.
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Ups and Downs of First Order Sentences on Random Graphs.
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The Probabilistic Method, Second Edition
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Uniform boundedness of critical crossing probabilities implies hyperscaling.
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Uniformly Distributed Distances - a Geometric Application of Janson's Inequality.
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Random unary predicates: Almost sure theories and countable models.
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A Useful Elementary Correlation Inequality, II.
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Random Sparse Bit Strings at the Threshold of Adjacency.
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Real time asymptotic packing.
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Can You Feel the Double Jump?
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Three hundred million points suffice.
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Functions that Never Agree.
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