José-Luis Sancho-Gómez

According to our database1, José-Luis Sancho-Gómez authored at least 58 papers between 1999 and 2022.

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Decision Trees for Glaucoma Screening Based on the Asymmetry of the Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer in Optical Coherence Tomography.
Sensors, 2022

Improving hand gestures recognition capabilities by ensembling convolutional networks.
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Double-Layer Stacked Denoising Autoencoders for Regression.
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Autoencoder and Modified YOLOv3 Based Firearms Object Detection in X-ray Baggage Images to Enhance Aviation Safety.
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Improving deep learning performance with missing values via deletion and compensation.
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Performance analysis of No-Propagation and ELM algorithms in classification.
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Supervised feature learning by adversarial autoencoder approach for object classification in dual X-ray image of luggage.
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MNIST-NET10: A heterogeneous deep networks fusion based on the degree of certainty to reach 0.1% error rate. Ensembles overview and proposal.
Inf. Fusion, 2020

Designing non-linear minimax and related discriminants by disjoint tangent configurations applied to RBF networks.
Neurocomputing, 2020

A tutorial on ensembles and deep learning fusion with MNIST as guiding thread: A complex heterogeneous fusion scheme reaching 10 digits error.
CoRR, 2020

A machine learning color-based segmentation for object detection within dual X-ray baggage images.
Proceedings of the NISS 2020: The 3rd International Conference on Networking, Information Systems & Security, Marrakech, Morocco, March 31, 2020

On improving CNNs performance: The case of MNIST.
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Exploiting label information to improve auto-encoding based classifiers.
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Machine-Health Application Based on Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Valve Wear in a Manufacturing Plant.
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Values Deletion to Improve Deep Imputation Processes.
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Erratum to: DRR and Portal Image Registration for Automatic Patient Positioning in Radiotherapy Treatment.
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Automatic detection of the intima-media thickness in ultrasound images of the common carotid artery using neural networks.
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Automatic image-based segmentation of the heart from CT scans.
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Using Maximum Entropy Models to Discriminate between Similar Languages and Varieties.
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Ultrasound image processing based on machine learning for the fully automatic evaluation of the Carotid Intima-Media Thickness.
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Improving learning by using artificial hints.
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DRR and Portal Image Registration for Automatic Patient Positioning in Radiotherapy Treatment.
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