Julián Mestre

According to our database1, Julián Mestre authored at least 55 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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The Ad Types Problem.
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Turbocharging Treewidth Heuristics.
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Approximating weighted neighborhood independent sets.
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Editorial: COCOON 2012 Special Issue.
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Adaptive Local Ratio.
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Assigning Papers to Referees.
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Improved Approximations for Guarding 1.5-Dimensional Terrains
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Approximating the Interval Constrained Coloring Problem.
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An Optimal Incremental Algorithm for Minimizing Lateness with Rejection.
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Lagrangian Relaxation and Partial Cover
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On the multi-radius cover problem.
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Greedy in Approximation Algorithms.
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Challenges in Selecting Paths for Navigational Queries: Trade-Off of Benefit of Path versus Cost of Plan.
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