Jun-Lin Lin

According to our database1, Jun-Lin Lin authored at least 42 papers between 1996 and 2020.

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Improving Density Peak Clustering by Automatic Peak Selection and Single Linkage Clustering.
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Influence of Relationship Capability on Project Performance of Post-merger IS Integration.
Proceedings of the Business Information Systems - 23rd International Conference, 2020

Accelerating Density Peak Clustering Algorithm.
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Iterative Group Decomposition for Refining Microaggregation Solutions.
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Numerical Analysis of Consensus Measures within Groups.
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Online Auction Fraud Detection in Privacy-Aware Reputation Systems.
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Improving Pavement Anomaly Detection Using Backward Feature Elimination.
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Improving Fraudster Detection in Online Auctions by Using Neighbor-Driven Attributes.
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Using Neighbor Diversity to Detect Fraudsters in Online Auctions.
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On the Diversity Constraints for Portfolio Optimization.
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Improving Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Local Search for Global Optimization.
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Using n-gram analysis to cluster heartbeat signals.
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Density-based microaggregation for statistical disclosure control.
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Motor shaft misalignment detection using multiscale entropy with wavelet denoising.
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Comparison of microaggregation approaches on anonymized data quality.
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Genetic algorithm-based clustering approach for k-anonymization.
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Privacy preserving itemset mining through noisy items.
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Detection of cloaked web spam by using tag-based methods.
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A neural network with a case based dynamic window for stock trading prediction.
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Artificial chromosomes embedded in genetic algorithm for a chip resistor scheduling problem in minimizing the makespan.
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Multilingual Sentence Hunter.
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