K. Sakthidasan Sankaran

According to our database1, K. Sakthidasan Sankaran authored at least 14 papers between 2016 and 2021.

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Low Complexity Maximum Likelihood FBMC QAM for Improved Performance in Longer Delay Channels.
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Efficient traffic control and lifetime maximization in mobile ad hoc network by using PSO-BAT optimization.
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Reliable service availability and access control method for cloud assisted IOT communications.
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Chaotic sequence-based MC-CDMA for 5G.
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A Recurrent Reward Based Learning Technique for Secure Neighbor Selection in Mobile AD-HOC Networks.
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Analysis of regional atrophy and prolong adaptive exclusive atlas to detect the alzheimers neuro disorder using medical images.
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Delay-aware concurrent data management method for IoT collaborative mobile edge computing environment.
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ACIAR: application-centric information-aware routing technique for IOT platform assisted by wireless sensor networks.
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Implementation of High-Efficiency and Ultra-Low-Power Transceiver for the Design of Body Channel Communication Applications.
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A Statistical Lower UWB Channel Model for in Body Communications.
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Efficient Image De-Noising Technique Based on Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm.
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WOAPR: an affinity propagation based clustering and optimal path selection for time-critical wireless sensor networks.
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Optimized gradient histogram preservation with block wise SURE shrinkage for noise free image restoration.
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Noise free image restoration using hybrid filter with adaptive genetic algorithm.
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